Analysis of DSA Epitopes from Donor/Recipient Transplant Pairs

This project requires serum & DNA or complete HLA typing information by NGS HLA from donor/recipient pairs, first transplant, single organ (heart or kidney) where DSA is present but outcome data is not available. Solid phase testing to be performed using standardized work shop protocols, custom and commercial reagents including IgG SAB I, IgG SAB II, Bio-C1q SAB I, Bio-C1q SAB II.

Sub-Projects (based on cohort and analysis performed)

  • Serologically reactive epitopes in the context of donor/recipient NGS HLA typing: Aim is to map serologically reactive epitopes by comparing antibody specificities defined by solid phase assays in the context of donor/recipient NGS HLA typing discrepancies.
  • Acceptable Epitopes: Aim is to make an inventory of NGS HLA defined epitopes to which highly sensitized patients failed to make antibodies.
  • HLA-DQ epitopes: Aim is to make an inventory of the different HLA-DQ epitopes and to define the crucial amino acids for antibody reactivity to DQ molecule.
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