Wenzhong Xiao

Wenzhong Xiao, Ph.D. was trained in genomics and computational biology from UC Berkeley and Stanford University. He is an Associate Professor (Bioinformatics), Director of the Immuno-Metabolic Computational Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. His research is at the interface of computation, genomics and medicine. A major bottleneck of genome medicine today is no longer data generation but computational challenges around data analysis, interpretation, and integration. His research interest is to develop approaches to address these challenges and to help translate genome technologies to better disease diagnosis, prevention and therapeutics, especially in the studies of the human immune diseases. His lab developed several algorithms for the statistical analysis and integration of omic data for biomarker identification in large scale disease studies, and the knowledge-based network analysis for the interpretation and integration of genomic data. He also directs the Computational Genomics Lab at Stanford Genome Technology Center, and is responsible for the computational developments in multiple new applications using sequencing and arrays. A current focus of the lab is on the development and application of NGS in histocompatibility and immunogenetics.

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